Build The Value You Need to Exit Your Business.

Pinpoint your business value today, drive a plan to create the value you need tomorrow, and exit on your terms.

Understand value.

Business owners think about revenue and profit every day, but business value only when it’s too late. With Value Scout, you get an expert’s assessment of your company’s value today and a benchmark for what your optimal value could be tomorrow.

Model your exit.

In order to retire most owners need their business to be worth more than it is today. But, how much more? By when? And what does your company need to look like to achieve those goals? Value Scout helps you pinpoint the future business valuation you’ll need to retire and model different scenarios to get there.

Correlate initiatives to specific value creation.

Build a plan with value targets baked in. Once you’ve determined your value growth targets and your value gap, Value Scout helps you translate them into an achievable plan to get there. Turn long-range plans into annual goals and quarterly rocks. Assign each initiative a target value and align your leadership team against long-term value creation in bite-sized increments.

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