Stop wasting time and capital on the wrong initiatives.

Be deliberate in growing enterprise value.

Is your company worth what the market thinks it is? Value Scout’s powerful digital toolset enables founders and entrepreneurs to be more deliberate in creating enterprise value. When every task on your to-do list is laser-focused on growing value, you can avoid the typical missteps that can add years to your exit.

Build & execute a plan that drives value and cash flow while reducing risk.

Making a plan is easy. Planning for deliberate value growth, and executing on that plan is easier said than done

Reduce Risk

Build short & long-term strategies for real value growth.

Value Scout enables you to assign an estimated value to everything on your to-do list, so you can start building long and short-term strategies that actually grow value. The ability to sort all your to-dos based on their potential value impact is a game-changer for both exit planning advisors and their clients.

Streamline your Workflow

Stay Laser-Focued on Value Gains

State-of-the-art scenario modeling tools help identify what’s blocking growth, and outline strategies to meet your value goals. Easy-to-read dashboards display the successes (or failures) of your value creation initiatives using real data, so you can be confident in your path forward.

Be Proactive

Put Your Financial Data to Work

The Value Scout valuation toolset was designed to reduce friction during the entire process, from the initial questionnaire to the final adjustments. Our lightweight collaborative process results in an accurate value in as little as a few weeks, so you can start taking action on growing long-term value right away.

Drive Accountability

Make Value Creation a Team Sport

Real-time messaging and accountability tools allow you to assign and track ALL value initiatives. Quickly determine where and how you should allocate resources and staff to meet your value goals. In the Value Scout platform, all this data is front and center, so you you can make sure your team always knows the answer to “What’s Next?”

Unlock the Power of Business Valuation

Should your next step be to open a new branch office or finally replace your CRM system? In a world of competing priorities and finite resources, those decisions are complex.

The Value Scout platform uses your valuation data to help prioritize next steps, so you can start creating deliberate value in your enterprise right away.

Traditional Valuation tools are stuck in the past. Value Scout is built differently.

Value Scout’s winning combination of Artificial Intelligence & human oversight eliminates the risk of wasting time with bad data.

Start with a Simple Valuation

The valuation process kicks off with a series of questions to better understand the company’s risk profile and learn the “story” behind the numbers. This is called the Value Assessment Questionnaire.

Start Growing Value with your Custom To-Do List

After your Current Market Value is generated and your Value Gap is quantified, you can get started on tackling your to-do list, consisting of Findings created by your team and AI Recommendations generated by our algorithm.

Update Annually & Check Your Progress

How do you know if you’re on track to meeting your value goals? An annual valuation serves as a yearly “gut check” to measure the efficacy of your value creation strategies—using hard numbers.

Go Beyond Exit Planning

Value Scout is where value creation meets long-term planning.

Everyone wants to sell their company for the highest price point. But where to begin? With Value Scout, you can quickly uncover your current business value, identify what’s blocking growth, and outline both short and long-term strategies to meet your value goals.

Insights on Growing Business Value