How it all began

Value Scout’s roots are in the world of M&A and Valuation for privately held companies.  Our sister company Quantive works daily on “bet the company” matters in both those areas with founders, entrepreneurs, and family businesses.    And over the course of a few decades we’ve seen an untold number of failures.  The common theme?  The market’s opinion of value does not match that of the exiting owner.

With so much at stake for entrepreneurs there has to be a better way – and there is.  By taking a deliberate, proactive approach to value creation (what we call Value Engineering), companies can increase efficiencies, increase cash flows, and make themselves more valuable.

No more hoping for a better outcome- we are changing the future.

Enter Value Scout

The Value Scout platform is built on three central pillars:

  • Benchmarking value
  • Envisioning the “Company of the Future” that will achieve your goals
  • Value Creation-Based Planning that helps get you there.

Our toolset is built to enable ownership, C-Suite staff, and their advisors to get ahead of the game and focus not just on executing a strategic plan, but on a deliberate value creation process.