About Us

The mission of Value Scout is to empower every business owner to successfully exit their business on their terms.

What is Value Scout?

Value Scout is the first value creation platform. It enables entrepreneurs to pinpoint their business value today, create and drive a plan to create the value they’ll need tomorrow, and exit on their terms.

How it all began

Value Scout’s roots go back to 2003 when Dan Doran founded his first M&A advisory firm, Clear Rock. Nearly 20 years on, having merged that firm and built another successful advisory firm, Quantive, Dan and his teams have literally advised hundreds of business owners on valuation and exit. Over the course of two decades we’ve seen entrepreneurs experience many successful exits, but also way too many failures. The common theme? The market’s opinion of value does not match what the exiting owner needs to retire.

We built Value Scout to solve that problem. Value Scout enables entrepreneurs to take a deliberate, proactive approach to value creation. Business leaders and their advisors use it to identify, plan for, and drive all their value creation activities – from growing revenue and increasing efficiencies to improving cash flows and strengthening leadership teams.

The value creation platform

Value Scout is built on three central pillars: 
  • Understand value – Identify what your company is worth right now
  • Model your exit – Know what your company needs to look like to retire 
  • Drive to success – Build and execute long-range, annual and quarterly plans to get there 
Our platform is built to enable owners, their leadership teams, and their advisors to work together to deliberately create future value.


Dan Doran CEO
As founder of the company, Dan is responsible for product vision and development. As a seasoned valuation expert and M&A advisor, Dan has worked on hundreds of deals across a range of industries including IT, manufacturing, construction, and professional services. Dan has been named Exit Planner of the Year twice by the Exit Planning Institute. The Value Scout platform has been built on the value creation methodologies Dan has developed in over 20 years of practice and in successfully selling his first M&A business.