Your Company Is Your Largest Asset. Give It The Visibility It Deserves.

In order to retire, most owners need their business to be worth more than it is today. But, how much more? By when? And what does the company need to look like to achieve those goals? 

Value Scout is the world’s first AI-assisted value creation platform built to help entrepreneurs work alongside advisors to assess business value, implement growth plans, and build a successful exit strategy.

Valuations & Value Creation

80% of owners fail to achieve a successful exit. Get on track with our easy-to-use business valuation toolset, and start planning your exit with a clear picture of current business value. Our AI-assisted valuation process connects current value to recommendations needed to accomplish your exit planning goals.

Tools for Visibility & Accountability

Value Scout offers 100% transparency into every aspect of value creation and creates a virtual connection between key players, from both inside and outside your organization, unlike any other platform. With state-of-the-art dashboards and real-time messaging built into the application, owners can communicate with their team and measure progress and identify problem areas at a glance, leaving no stone unturned.

Value Scout Partners: Get the Help you Need

Growing the value you need to retire is the challenge of a lifetime. Leverage the Value Scout network to help you connect with a wide range of value creation specialists – experts in corporate finance, operations, human capital, sales, marketing, and technology – to help you grow your business. Value Scout connects you with the people you need to help your business hit your growth targets and make a successful exit.

Go Beyond Exit Planning

Value Scout is where value creation meets long-term planning.

Everyone wants to sell their company for the highest price point. But where to begin? With Value Scout, you can quickly uncover your current business value, identify what’s blocking growth, and outline both short and long-term strategies to meet your value goals.

Insights on Growing Business Value