How to Successfully Merge Two Cultures

There are two critical factors for a successful merger: cultural and organizational alignment. Mergers and acquisitions facilitate a company’s growth strategy, but one cannot underestimate the challenge of integrating two cultures. According to a report published by Harvard Business Review, 40 to 80 percent of mergers do not meet the end objectives. This high failure […]

Conversations You Should Have Before Creating an Exit Strategy

The majority of your company’s net worth comprises the value of your business. Preserving that value is necessary to achieve your financial goals after your business exit. When a business owner focuses on increasing value, it often makes the timing of the exit critical, as the business is ready for sale or ownership transition only […]

Why Your Business Transition Needs Professional Guidance

You know it’s time to consider exiting your business… but wait! Are you sure you can handle that mammoth task by yourself? Are you sure you don’t need professional assistance to guide you through the exit planning process? You might think that your business exit will be a cakewalk but trust us: it’s not. Multiple […]

So… Your Client Got Hit by a Bus

Take a moment to think about this scenario: Your client got hit by a bus and, unfortunately, did not survive. It’s a grim thought, but an unfortunate event like that has a domino effect on business. Issues will crop up overnight and have to be resolved as soon as possible. Businesses do not run by […]

How to Make Selling Your Business a Positive Experience

Business owners think about selling their businesses for different reasons. Perhaps you have lost your enthusiasm for entrepreneurship, have become bored with the old routine, or health problems persuade you to sell. Of course, retirement also justifies exiting the business. Whatever triggers your decision to sell your business, you should take preparatory measures before starting the sales process, […]

Common Mistakes Business Owners Make During Ownership Transitions

For many businesses, the transition to new ownership is inevitable. However, most business owners fail to think about it until it’s too late. Even if the transition is 10 to 15 years down the line, it requires planning and preparation for smooth execution. Ownership transition types range from passing control to successors to selling your […]