Track Progress and Get Visibility with Value Scout’s Weekly Check-In

Working with a large staff can be difficult, especially in an all-virtual environment. Even if you don’t have a big staff, it can be hard to keep up with everyone’s progress on a weekly basis (let alone at all!). If you’re creating annual or quarterly plans for your own company or for your clients, you […]

Value Recon: The Ultimate Cheat Code for Advisors

Whether you’re an old hand at exit planning, or a newly-certified CEPA looking to expand their practice, a common struggle is finding a tool (or set of tools) that makes it possible to actually do the work of planning exits. The fact of the matter is that the current value of just about any company […]

Reach Your Value Creation Goals to Exit with Value Scout’s Exit Modeler

For most entrepreneurs, their business represents the largest asset they own, and they generally work with their financial planners to craft a retirement plan. But what about value? How much annual growth do you need to hit your retirement goal? With Value Scout’s Exit Modeler™, you can set actual targets to work toward that magic […]

View and Sort Work Undone with Value Scout’s Disposition Feature

What is Disposition? Dispositioned items are defined as items that have not been completed at the end of the period. This allows you or your client to clearly see the work undone at the end of each planning period of choice (quarterly or annual) to sort and determine the next steps strategically. There are three […]

Get a Birds-Eye View of Your Success with Value Scout’s Dashboards

Most business owners want their advisor to have a deeper understanding of their business and their problems, rather than someone who just “checks in.” Value Scout’s dashboard and messaging tools make it easy to have deeper and more meaningful conversations with your clients about business value, future growth, and retirement. Value Scout’s Dashboard features provide […]

Simplify the Valuation Process with Value Scout’s Smart Valuation

Smart Valuation: Algorithm Powered, Human Reviewed If you want to start planning for an eventual exit, the place to start is understanding the company’s current value. Traditionally, that process requires a lot of math, a lot of experience, and a lot of dollars. Value Scout changes the game. Our valuation solution is the perfect blend […]

Be Proactive and Create Achievable Tasks with Value Scout’s Planning Tools

Annual and quarterly plans get built—and ignored—all the time. With Value Scout, you can assign each objective and initiative a target value and align your goals against long-term value creation in bite-sized increments. When the actual value is assigned to objectives and initiatives, it becomes much easier to keep your eye on the prize: a […]

Save Time and Get Feedback with Value Scout’s A.I.-Assisted Recommendations

Questions like “Where do I start?”, “What am I missing?” or “How do I best help my client?” reflect a common sentiment when starting a value creation strategy. Value Scout’s A.I.-assisted Recommendations allow you to tackle algorithm-identified suggestions and track them by their estimated revenue, level of effort, and priority. Value Scout’s A.I. Recommendations Engine […]

We’re Back: Value Scout’s All-In-One Platform for Advisors

For the last few months, Team Value Scout has been dialing in some killer features on our platform behind the scenes. That being said, we are excited to announce the launch of many new features designed to make advisors’ lives easier. We’re back and better, and here’s a sneak peek of what’s new on the […]