What to Look for in a Value Creation Advisor

Profits result from value. The focused process by which a company concentrates on creating value for its consumers while also profiting from increased revenues is called value creation. As a business owner, you are already burdened with numerous responsibilities. Perhaps, you can do it alone, but can you do it all while still having time […]

3 Tips For Your Value Creation Journey

Have you begun your value creation journey? Value is the backbone of a business. Without it, your unique offerings may be just another commodity in the market and the eyes of customers and investors. Not only must a business create value for its customers but also its stakeholders, employees, suppliers, and investors. Value creation converts […]

Tying Value to Your Annual Plans

A company must create value, be it an ongoing business or one ready to sell. An ongoing business focuses on enhancing value for its customers, employees, suppliers, and investors; a company being prepared to be sold must increase its value for prospective buyers. The current market value (CMV) is rarely sufficient to allow you, the […]

Business Practices to Build Long-Term Value

A business’ primary purpose is to maximize profit. The key ingredient to maximize profit is value creation. Entrepreneurs driven to build businesses for lasting success and profitability know the importance of value creation. Perception of value creation differs among stakeholders. Creating value for customers translates to higher sales of products and services, ergo higher profit. […]

Benefits of Recapitalization

Every company (public or privately held) funds itself with capital obtained through equity and debt. While equity refers to common stock and preferred stock, debt includes long-term borrowing via commercial papers, bonds, debentures, etc. The equation of the company’s capital formation (including equity and debt) is called the capital structure. Suppose a privately held company […]

How to Identify Your Company’s Weaknesses

Every business has strengths and weaknesses, even those that seem like they have it all together and dominate the market. Unfortunately, even though it is essential for every business to identify its strengths and weaknesses, not every business owner takes the time to do it. Identifying strengths is often easy, but admitting weaknesses is more […]

How to Build Momentum for Exit Planning?

Business owners often delay the exit planning process until forced by circumstances because they do not appreciate the benefits of starting early even though they know they must eventually leave their companies. Owners of new businesses have the excuse of focusing on growing their businesses, but it’s never too early to start exit planning, no […]

What’s Stopping Your from Selling Your Business?

Business owners often procrastinate planning their exit. However, exiting your business is inevitable, whether you walk through the door or leave it feet first. So, why hesitate to plan the unavoidable (your exit) and get your desired selling price? There’s a big difference between exiting by chance and exiting by a plan. Why leave money […]

How Does Black Friday Impact Retail Valuations?

On the Friday after Thanksgiving, known as Black Friday, Americans all over the country wake up early to duke it out over deep discounts at retail stores. Often, this doesn’t just start on Friday, but Thursday night and throughout Friday. How does this event impact a retail valuation? A few aspects play into Black Friday’s […]

4 Reasons Why Exit Planning Is Smart Business Strategy

While creating a business plan, most owners focus on inventory, capital, profit, workforce, and cash flow. The business plan guides business operations toward success and growth. There is no end goal, just continued success and growth. On the other hand, an exit plan addresses the tax, financial, business, personal, and value creation issues involved in […]