How to Keep Your Team on Task

Value creation is not a one-person job. A company thrives with the collective support of its employees, the management team, and suppliers sharing a vision aligning the company’s fundamental goals with resources, operational structure, growth objectives, the workforce, and schedules. Sharing the vision with employees builds an effective team that works together to create value […]

Value Recon: The Ultimate Cheat Code for Advisors

Whether you’re an old hand at exit planning, or a newly-certified CEPA looking to expand their practice, a common struggle is finding a tool (or set of tools) that makes it possible to actually do the work of planning exits. The fact of the matter is that the current value of just about any company […]

Managing Your Clients as a Financial Advisor

Managing multiple clients can be overwhelming, especially for a new advisor. A competitive work culture, a heavy work schedule, and overcommitment also lead to additional stress and eventually burnout. Especially when establishing a new consulting business, new client acquisition takes up a lot of time, and you end up working long hours. Therefore, maintaining balance […]

How to Ask the Right Questions (As an Advisor)

As an advisor, you guide your client through changing circumstances, such as exit planning and value creation. Successful guidance depends on asking your client the right questions to clearly understand their business, how they make money, and what motivates their business decisions. Before advising on the legal risks involved in an investment decision, lawyers must […]

Investing in Mid-level Management

Whether small or large, every company needs an organizational structure to align and connect departments, people, and processes. This way, the company can attain maximum performance. Organizational structure also facilitates the execution of strategies and business objectives by helping to design a method that streamlines the flow of work throughout the company. Traditionally, this structure […]

Due Diligence: Building a Diligence-Ready Company

Most business owners consider themselves to be the final authority on their companies. They believe they know everything there is to know about their companies, all the advantages, nuances, and peculiarities. However, they are in for a rude awakening when a buyer and their advisory team steps in to conduct their due diligence before finalizing […]

Client Outreach: A Guide for Advisors

Much like sales, being an advisor means you need to find your clients. Financial advising is a challenging field saturated with competition. According to the United States Department of Labor, there were 263,000 financial advisors as of 2019, projected to increase 4 percent by 2029. Advisors will undoubtedly face stiff competition, making building a steady […]

Keys to Success as a Financial Advisor

There are only two types of financial advisors: good and not-so-good ones. They have similar credentials, training, experience, so what really separates them? If you look closely, you will notice good financial advisors have a long list of loyal clients, and their services are coveted, whereas a mediocre one struggles to find new clients. If […]

How to Become an Above-Average Advisor

Business owners grapple with multiple issues: business planning, accurate financial projections, client and customer acquisition, employee development and management, etc. With numerous aspects to manage, business owners naturally seek the assistance of an advisor to address the niche requirements of their business. A business advisor is a strategist who works with your company to help […]

How to Succeed at New Client Acquisition

As an advisor, one of your biggest challenges is acquiring new customers. An advisor who systematically attracts new customers can keep the practice healthy and growing. Customer acquisition may require proof of business traction, partners, etc. Acquisition of a new customer requires that they: Become aware of your company brand and advisory services, Add your […]