Incorporate Value Creation into Planning.

Strategic, annual and quarterly plans get built – and ignored – all the time. But when value creation, and your future retirement, is at the heart of your plan it becomes much easier to focus on what really matters.

Build a plan with value targets baked in.

Once you’ve determined your value growth targets and your value gap, Value Scout helps you translate them into an achievable plan to get there. Turn long-range plans into annual goals and quarterly rocks. Assign each initiative a target value and align your leadership team against long-term value creation in bite-sized increments.

Track Progress Towards Your Future Exit.

Value Scout keeps your value gap – the difference between current value and required future value – front-and-center. It tracks your progress and enables you to drill down to specific initiatives and track team members’ performance.

Get your entire team on board

No single person can make a meaningful difference in business growth or value creation. It takes a high performing team — of senior business leaders and advisors — aligned to your goals. Value Scout enables you to invite key team members both from inside and outside your organization into the value creation process and work together on creating the future value you require from your business.