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The Advisor's Ultimate Guide to Exit Planning

Too often, business owners delay exit planning until they feel they are ready to exit. It’s the advisor’s job to help clients navigate the exit planning process and partner on value creation to boost business value as much as possible before the sale.

Value Scout was built out of the recognition that value creation is the #1 issue that makes or breaks a successful exit plan. This ebook will help start the conversation with your exit planning clients.

Learn how to partner with clients on growing value, not just planning exits.

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Key Takeaways:

5-Step Exit Planning Framework

Successful exit planning comes from having a system. Our 5-Step Framework provides the flexibility to accommodate unique situations without sacrificing efficiency. 

Timing is Everything

A successful exit plan is heavily dependent on timing it just right. Learn how to plan around the market and personal readiness factors.

The Personal Connection

Exit Planning is personal. Many business owners feel an emotional connection to their company. Learn how to navigate the personal connection when planning an exit.

Tips for Planning the Exit

Leverage our experience when it comes to exit planning. 15 years of executing successful exits has given us valuable insight into best practices.

The Ultimate Guide to Your Client's Success

Every business, owner, and exit situation is unique. As an advisor, you need a system that can assist you in knowing the next step but is flexible to each of your clients.

The Value Scout 5-Step Framework is built to effectively assist your client through their exit planning journey. To successfully implement this strategy, you must first understand what drives value and value creation. This eBook takes a deep dive into what drives value and how to use those value drivers to make a successful exit.