The truth?

Most companies aren’t sellable. Let’s improve your odds.

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The Bottom Line

To have a meaningful discussion on exiting, it’s imperative to know how much the company is worth today, and how much you need to meet your retirement goals. This ebook gets you started.

Are you building a company that somebody will want to buy?

We routinely talk with entrepreneurs who either believe their business is worth more than it actually is, have no idea how to eventually exit the business, or both.
The scariest part? The vast majority of business owners have 80% of their wealth tied up in their business. That means selling your business to liquidate those assets is the key to exiting for retirement or to pursue other ventures.

This ebook is the culmination of countless Q+As we have with business owners. In six short chapters, you’ll learn:

  • That everyone exits a business.
  • How to begin your business with the end in mind.
  • How to understand current value vs. what it could be worth.
  • Whether or not you’ve built a company that’s attractive to the market.
  • Whether you’re really ready to sell.
  • How to select a valuation partner.