Close More Exit Planning Clients.

Bring a visible methodology to your work that shows clients how you’ll lead them to their future exit and keeps you in the driver’s seat the whole way.

A visible method to win new business

Most exit planning work is delivered through a hodge podge of emails, Zoom calls, semi-secure file sends, and Office documents. The process is messy, disorganized, and inefficient. Value Scout changes all that. It gives you a proven methodology you can show prospects that explains how you’ll lead them down the path to exit. And, it gives you a tool to interact with your clients on their journey, observe their progress, and manage your work with them – all in one place.

Offload Valuation to a Trusted Expert

With Value Scout, you get access to seasoned valuation consultants to perform your clients’ valuation work and you make it easier for everyone to get it done. The Value Scout team reduces your client’s burden of data collection, finds the narrative behind the numbers, and gives you the insights you need to plot your client’s path to exit.

Drive Your Clients’ Journey (Even When You’re Not There)

As both an exit planning and plan implementation platform, Value Scout lets you see your clients’ progress on their value creation activities. Use it to gain visibility into the backlog, nudge clients on work undone, see who is engaged in value creation and who is underperforming, involve the entire senior management team, and keep yourself connected with the owner right up to the moment of exit.

Trusted by great companies and their advisors.