The Old Way is Broken. Exit Planning 2.0 is Here.

Be part of the future by joining the Guidon- the Exit Planning 2.0 Community.

Deep Community Events

In our post-Pandemic world networking opportunities have been limited.  Guidon’s local community events help you meet, network with, and learn from local exit planning practitioners on a routine basis.

Get Granular with Special Interest Groups

Exit Planning events have been defined by fly-by, “survey level” content, writing, and events.  But real world problems demand deeper knowledge and subject matter expertise.  

Guidon’s special interest groups advance the knowledge level in a wide array of niche’s in the Exit Planning arena. 

Unparalleled Learning Opportunities

Guidon has a continually evolving set of courses that help you get get a deeper understanding of valuation, value creation strategies, and various subjects related to entrepreneurial exits.

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