Is your company ready to go to market?

A Value Scout report arms you with the right knowledge before you decide.

Market Value Estimation

What’s it worth?

Value Scout answers the headline question:  what’s it worth?  We work with clients to understand how cash flows should be adjusted to reflect the “real” numbers,” perform valuation modeling using industry best practices, and arrive at Current Market Value.

Theoretical Maximum Value

What could it be worth?

Most businesses are not operating at a Best-in-Class level. What if you were? By modeling Best-in-Class, we provide insight into what a company could be worth at peak performance.

Market Readiness Indicator

Would the market find it attractive?

Critical to a Best-in-Class exit is building a company that buyers want.  We score how attractive your company is in the market using the Market Attractiveness Indicator.

Market Attractiveness Indicator

Is the company ready for the market?

Closely tied to TMV, Market Readiness speaks to how prepared the business is for sale or transition. There’s a lot of prep work that goes into getting a company positioned for a transaction.