Know What It Takes to Exit Your Business on Your Terms.

Most businesses aren’t worth enough for the owner to retire. Model what your business must look like so that doesn’t happen to you.

What does your business need to look like?

If you’re like most entrepreneurs, your business represents the largest asset you own. Hopefully, you’ve worked with your financial planner to understand how much it needs to be worth to fund your retirement. But what does that business actually look like? How much revenue does it have? How many employees does it require? What does the management team look like?

Pinpoint the value gap.

Value Scout shows you the space between your business’s current value and the future value you’ll require to exit your business and retire on your terms – the value gap. Unlike personal financial tools or business accounting systems, it accounts for the whole picture – both your business and your personal financial situation.

Build growth targets to close gaps.

Most strategic initiatives focus on growth – growing market share, growing sales or growing profit. But, what about value? Just how much do you need to grow every year to hit the future business value you need to retire? Entrepreneurs and their advisors use Value Scout to connect growth strategies to future value creation.