Incorporate Value Creation into Planning

Strategic, annual and quarterly plans – we all know you need them… but how often do they get sidetracked by the “tyranny of the urgent?”  All the time.  But when Value Creation is at the heart of your plan you can really focus on what’s urgent.

Your Company of the Future

Build a Long Range Plan with Value Targets

Once you’ve determined your value growth targets it’s easy to start building a plan that maps to Value Growth requirements.  When initiatives are assigned a target value, the purpose of a plan becomes that much more clear.  .

Team Alignment

Get Your C-Suite On Board

No single person can make a meaningful difference in Enterprise Value.  It usually takes a high performing team that is aligned in their goals.  With Value Scout team members can work together – and see each other’s progress – on Value creating initiatives.  Nothing is more powerful than a team of highly competitive, high performers!

The Value Gap

Track Progress Against Your Value Gap

When you start your Value Creation journey you’ll have identified a Value Gap – the difference between current value and your target number.  Keep an eye on real time progress by tracking value growth versus target numbers.  Look at progress either at a high level (total Enterprise Value), or drill down to specific initiatives and team member’s performance.


Do you know what value each initiative is creating?

You have a plan- with initiatives, tasks, and undertakings.  But how certain are you that each of those activities is creating Value?  Do you know how much value?  Using the Exit Modeller you can start to track incremental value of each activity against your goals.

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