Project Management for Value Creation

Typically, the current value of just about any company isn’t enough for an owner to retire on–it’s just not. That’s where value planning comes in. Value Scout’s planning toolset allows you to bridge the gap between your company’s current value and your target value and helps you create an achievable plan to meet your goal.

Value Scout’s value-first approach to planning helps you assign an estimated value to everything on your to-do list, allowing you to build long and short-term strategies that actually grow value.

Maintain Visibility on All To-do’s

Struggling to maintain visibility on the work that’s not being completed can be tough on value growth. Every enterprise has a to-do list a mile long, and with shifting priorities, it’s easy to lose track of the tasks that get pushed to the side. Value Scout’s planning tools allow you to build up a backlog of to-do’s, called “findings,” that you can add to your annual or quarterly plan when it makes sense to do so. By creating a healthy backlog, you can make sure your team always knows the answer to “What’s Next?”

Prioritize Issues

Sort your findings by the level of effort, financial impact, and confidence in the task so you can tackle the important stuff first.

Stay on Track

Being able to easily view all your findings in one place means no task gets forgotten, no matter how small.

Organize Your Work

When it’s time to get to work on a specific finding, you can add it to a plan and assign it an owner, add a due date and other relevant data points.

Calculate Value for Every To-Do with Value Recon™​

Value Recon makes it easy to hit the ground running when it comes time to build out annual and quarterly plans. The ability to sort all your to-dos based on their potential value impact is a game-changer for both exit planning advisors and their clients.

Create an Initiative, Objective or Select an AI-Identified Finding:

Whenever a new quarterly initiative or annual objective is created, Value Recon will prompt you to tag your new initiative with one of four value creation strategies: Revenue Growth, Gross Margin Improvement, Cost Reduction (“Cost Out”), and Acquisition.

The Value Recon Algorithm Gets to Work

Value Recon takes the tagged information in the context of the rest of your financials and crunches the numbers to extrapolate the added value of the initiative to the total value of your enterprise, without the extra work of managing complicated formulas and Excel macros.

Prioritize Based on Added Value

You can filter and sort all of your initiatives and objectives based on estimated value (in addition to various data points like priority, level of effort, due date, etc.) so you can spend less time planning what to do next, and more time actually growing value

Create Accountability with Leaderboards

Easily track ALL progress in context to quickly determine if your team is on track or if they’re struggling. With the Value Scout planning toolset, all this data is front and center—making it easy to keep tabs on your team’s progress. Value Scout’s leaderboard displays bring an element of gamification to your team’s value creation goals, creating a competitive environment within your enterprise.

Weekly Check-In

When your team is uninvolved in the work of value creation, it increased friction and can even sideline value growth. Weekly Check-In is a feature that allows the entire team to provide weekly updates and to add context to or ask questions about completed, or incompleted tasks. It’s easier than ever to keep track of value roadblocks so managers and owners can solve problems before they snowball into bigger issues that could negatively impact value.

Go Beyond Exit Planning

Value Scout is where value creation meets long-term planning.

Everyone wants to sell their company for the highest price point. But where to begin? With Value Scout, you can quickly uncover your current business value, identify what’s blocking growth, and outline both short and long-term strategies to meet your value goals.

Insights on Growing Business Value