Why Does Exit Planning Take So Long?

Exit planning consists of three essential steps: collecting data, quantifying your resources, and evaluating exit options. The duration of exit planning depends upon your business, its current value, and the desired value for selling it. If your business doesn’t have the value to be sold for your desired amount, the process takes longer because one […]

How Brand Recognition Impacts Growth

What Is Brand Recognition? Brand recognition refers to a customer’s ability to recognize a specific company based on its visual assets, such as a logo, slogan, packaging, style, or colors. Brand recognition enables a company to increase consumer loyalty, advertising efficacy, price sensitivity, and word-of-mouth referrals. Do not confuse brand recognition with brand awareness. Brand […]

Your Brand Image Impacts Business Value

Every seller wants the highest price for their business, so the brand impacts what a buyer is willing to pay. If the brand doesn’t fully convey your company’s values, then it’s time for a refresh.