What to Consider When Coming Up With an Exit Strategy

Exit planning affects all aspects of a business: legal structure, revenue models, long- and short-term investment growth strategies, types of potential investors to seek, and much more. Planning for future transitions is challenging, and exit planning is no exception. An exit plan may not be necessary to leave the business, but it is necessary to […]

Being the Face of the Company Can Hurt Your Business

Most business owners assign themselves final decision-making authority for their companies. But what happens if you’re away for a couple of days and there’s a crisis requiring a decision? If you were to represent your role in your company visually, where would you put yourself? Are you at the helm, steering your business and solely […]

How to Make Selling Your Business a Positive Experience

Business owners think about selling their businesses for different reasons. Perhaps you have lost your enthusiasm for entrepreneurship, have become bored with the old routine, or health problems persuade you to sell. Of course, retirement also justifies exiting the business. Whatever triggers your decision to sell your business, you should take preparatory measures before starting the sales process, […]

Building a Culture of Profitability

It becomes imperative to identify the most appropriate means to orient the organization towards an increased level of profitability. The hierarchical leadership model favored for a decade is no longer adequate.