What Happens After You Exit?

All business owners have two defining events. The first is establishing the business and making it successful. This mammoth task requires planning everything related to the business. They also need to track the value created by people and the activities that create value for the business. The second defining event is their business exit. An exit is […]

How to Keep Your Team on Task

Value creation is not a one-person job. A company thrives with the collective support of its employees, the management team, and suppliers sharing a vision aligning the company’s fundamental goals with resources, operational structure, growth objectives, the workforce, and schedules. Sharing the vision with employees builds an effective team that works together to create value […]

How Individuals Contribute to Value Creation

Each person in a company plays a role in creating value, but can you quantify how their work contributes toward achieving organizational goals? Do you know what they are doing each day to help you achieve your business goals? Business goals establish a company’s purpose and help grow and attain its financial objectives. Setting specific […]

After the Valuation: Focus on Your Strengths, Eliminate Your Weaknesses

You take a risk founding a business, and you take an additional risk not knowing its value. Routine business valuation verifies your company’s worth and identifies those corporate traits that enable you to make informed business decisions to focus on growing the company. Once the valuation is done, what should the savvy business owner do […]

After Your Valuation: Enhance Corporate Culture for Value Creation

To maximize their companies’ value, business owners develop business growth plans with defined goals. It can be a real challenge to achieve those goals if they don’t know where to begin. To successfully build business value, owners should focus on three things: Understanding what the business is worth currently, Identifying the value gap between the […]

What Exactly Does a Business Valuation Imply About My Company?

Company owners who have no intention to transition their companies to new management any time soon often ask why they need a business valuation. Business valuation provides the baseline value of a company, the starting point from which you, as a business owner, may build a company with transferable value. Transferable value is what your […]

Business Value Does Not Equal Selling Price

A common myth is that selling price equals business value. As Warren Buffett has famously quoted, “Price is what you pay; value is what you get.” What Is Business Value? Value is fundamental. The theoretical or notional value is also called fair market value. It represents the highest amount a willing and able buyer will […]

How Exit Planning Leads to Increased Value

A comprehensive business exit strategy considers the transaction for the transfer of business ownership through succession planning, M&A, management buyout, or share sale. In addition, it looks at ways to maximize the value of the business to make it as attractive to potential buyers as possible. A business owner wants to sell their business for […]

What Happens After the Business Valuation?

While business owners often get a business valuation done for various reasons, they remain unsure what to do after the valuation. Whatever the reason for getting a business valuation, you can always make the most out of it by knowing what to do afterward. What Does a Business Valuation Determine? A business valuation is a […]