How to Build Momentum for Exit Planning?

Business owners often delay the exit planning process until forced by circumstances because they do not appreciate the benefits of starting early even though they know they must eventually leave their companies. Owners of new businesses have the excuse of focusing on growing their businesses, but it’s never too early to start exit planning, no […]

Why De-Risking Is Not Enough

When it comes to enhancing business value, maximum effort minimizes risk. As a business owner, you may think that risk mitigation is critical. While it is essential, it’s not your only tactic. De-risking your business will pay enormous rewards, but it’s not enough to meet your future business goals or desired exit. What Is De-Risking? […]

How to Determine Your Company’s True Value

Business owners often rely on their gut estimates when calculating the value of their companies. Their attachment to the business usually makes them overestimate that value. A value with no basis in complex data cannot form the basis for a long-term strategic business plan or an exit plan. Hire expert business valuation advisors to calculate […]