What NOT to Look for in an Advisor

Being an entrepreneur is like taking a leap of faith by jumping off an airplane from 35,000 feet and learning mid-air how to open the parachute so that you can land safely on the ground. Your fate depends on whether the parachute opens. Training or assistance in opening the parachute offers a much higher probability of […]

Improving Efficiency in Value Creation

Businesses seeing the importance of intellectual capital strive to create methods to manage and assess this critical resource. They link their intellectual capital performance to their bottom line outcomes. Intellectual capital refers to the intangible resources (resources, competencies, and competencies) that drive corporate performance and generate value. However, traditional financial measures do not reflect the […]

The Origins of Your Value Creation

The primary aim of any business should be value creation. Value is created when customers choose your products and services over other brands in the marketplace. Everyone contributing to your business perceives its value differently. In simple terms, value refers to the positives that highlight your brand in the market. When a company builds products and […]

How to Make Your Company More Appealing to Buyers

An exit strategy is a must when considering selling your business. Don’t just emphasize your company’s resistance to recession. Show prospective buyers how your company has development potential, which means having a robust and convincing business strategy that forecasts your growth. Just as building a business takes time, so does selling it to a reputable […]

Strategize Your Exit Roadmap

When starting a company, entrepreneurs seldom prioritize an exit strategy. Unlike investors who generally seek a return on investment, business owners are primarily concerned with operating (and expanding) their businesses. This necessitates a thoughtfully prepared and implemented exit strategy to ensure the entrepreneur’s financial well-being after leaving the company and the investors’ profit. Business exit […]

Do I Need a Certified Exit Planning Consultant?

Every business owner needs specialized, strategic planning to prepare for the eventual transfer of their biggest asset—their business. Without proper knowledge of the exit planning process, organizational structure, and business goals, exit planning is a mammoth, complicated task destined to yield a disappointing outcome. Certified exit planning consultants bring much-needed expertise and objectivity by providing […]

Advantages of a Certified Exit Planning Advisor

When business owners decide to exit their business, they rarely realize that this once-in-a-lifetime transaction is their most critical financial decision. Any buyer interested in acquiring the business will have top-shelf advisors handling accounting, legal, tax, and transaction details. Owners intend to exit from using a certified exit planning advisor (CEPA) to level the playing […]

Why Your Business Transition Needs Professional Guidance

You know it’s time to consider exiting your business… but wait! Are you sure you can handle that mammoth task by yourself? Are you sure you don’t need professional assistance to guide you through the exit planning process? You might think that your business exit will be a cakewalk but trust us: it’s not. Multiple […]

9 Tips to Start Your Exit Plan this Year

One of the most pressing questions business founders and owners ask is how they can grow their businesses in a manner that allows them the freedom to exit on their terms? In answering that question, most business owners get one thing wrong: they focus on building an excellent target for acquisition. In their aspiration to […]

4 Reasons Why Exit Planning Is Smart Business Strategy

While creating a business plan, most owners focus on inventory, capital, profit, workforce, and cash flow. The business plan guides business operations toward success and growth. There is no end goal, just continued success and growth. On the other hand, an exit plan addresses the tax, financial, business, personal, and value creation issues involved in […]