How Exit Planning Leads to Increased Value

A comprehensive business exit strategy considers the transaction for the transfer of business ownership through succession planning, M&A, management buyout, or share sale. In addition, it looks at ways to maximize the value of the business to make it as attractive to potential buyers as possible. A business owner wants to sell their business for […]

What’s Stopping Your from Selling Your Business?

Business owners often procrastinate planning their exit. However, exiting your business is inevitable, whether you walk through the door or leave it feet first. So, why hesitate to plan the unavoidable (your exit) and get your desired selling price? There’s a big difference between exiting by chance and exiting by a plan. Why leave money […]

Conversations You Should Have Before Creating an Exit Strategy

The majority of your company’s net worth comprises the value of your business. Preserving that value is necessary to achieve your financial goals after your business exit. When a business owner focuses on increasing value, it often makes the timing of the exit critical, as the business is ready for sale or ownership transition only […]

Why Your Business Transition Needs Professional Guidance

You know it’s time to consider exiting your business… but wait! Are you sure you can handle that mammoth task by yourself? Are you sure you don’t need professional assistance to guide you through the exit planning process? You might think that your business exit will be a cakewalk but trust us: it’s not. Multiple […]

9 Tips to Start Your Exit Plan this Year

One of the most pressing questions business founders and owners ask is how they can grow their businesses in a manner that allows them the freedom to exit on their terms? In answering that question, most business owners get one thing wrong: they focus on building an excellent target for acquisition. In their aspiration to […]

The Problem with Postponing Your Exit Plan

Do you avoid talking about exiting your business? Do you refuse to write a will? When people bring up the subject of business exit, do you say you’ll deal with it when the time comes? Are you afraid of what would become of the company that you built if something happens to you? What would […]

4 Reasons Why Exit Planning Is Smart Business Strategy

While creating a business plan, most owners focus on inventory, capital, profit, workforce, and cash flow. The business plan guides business operations toward success and growth. There is no end goal, just continued success and growth. On the other hand, an exit plan addresses the tax, financial, business, personal, and value creation issues involved in […]