So… Your Client Got Hit by a Bus

Take a moment to think about this scenario: Your client got hit by a bus and, unfortunately, did not survive. It’s a grim thought, but an unfortunate event like that has a domino effect on business. Issues will crop up overnight and have to be resolved as soon as possible. Businesses do not run by […]

Stay on Track During Your Exit Planning Strategy

Before you, as an entrepreneur, decide to sell your company, you should outline the process. Selling a company begins with thorough preparation and ends with the fulfillment of the sales contract. The sales process in the middle is divided into various phases. The sales process starts with a complete analysis of the company to identify […]

Do I Really Need a Business Valuation Before Selling?

You may have run your business for 25 years or only 25 weeks; however, there comes a time when you need to place a cash value on it. The problem is that most business owners only have a rough estimate of the company’s value. Business valuation is a complex and time-consuming process that requires the […]

The Problem with Postponing Your Exit Plan

Do you avoid talking about exiting your business? Do you refuse to write a will? When people bring up the subject of business exit, do you say you’ll deal with it when the time comes? Are you afraid of what would become of the company that you built if something happens to you? What would […]

Exit Planning: How to Develop a Plan

Most people plan on how to start a business, but fail a successful business exit. If you haven’t already planned an exist strategy for your business, then you should do it ASAP.

Exit Planning for Entrepreneurs

When setting up a business, entrepreneurs plan everything down to the smallest detail. However, too little attention is paid to a company’s exit planning.