Things to Consider When Creating a Value Creation Strategy

Value creation is the backbone of building a successful company. A company’s sustainable and profitable growth creates business value. This type of growth occurs through robust, streamlined processes; a functional, efficient operational structure; and strong, competent management and leadership teams. While aligning the business owner’s vision for value creation with their planned exit is essential, […]

Building a Business Is About Building Value

Starting with the end in mind is the best practice when founding a business. As you go about day-to-day planning and the overall building of your business, consider its value proposition, an estimation of the health and well-being of your business, and the factors directly or indirectly impacting your business value. Elements of Business Value […]

Things You Can Do Now to Increase Your Business’ Value

High business valuation and competitive pricing dominate the M&A market, so more and more firms are looking for effective, strategic ways to increase their business value. Yet, despite business owners becoming increasingly proactive, 58 percent of business owners have never had their businesses appraised, and, shockingly, 48 percent of owners exit without a proper exit […]

Staying on Top of Value Creation Strategy

A business becomes successful by creating value for its owners, customers, and employees. As a small- or middle-market business owner, you define your company’s specific values. You may want to benefit your employees and the community and achieve personal and financial goals. Whatever your values include, you must define them clearly and in detail. It […]