Value Creation Blockers and How to Smash Them

The primary aim of any business owner is to generate profit, but reaping the benefits of a business depends on value creation. Value creation refers to how a company increases its market value to meet the owner’s end objective (i.e., a successful business exit). The value created throughout the company’s life has to be planned well and […]

Business Practices to Build Long-Term Value

A business’ primary purpose is to maximize profit. The key ingredient to maximize profit is value creation. Entrepreneurs driven to build businesses for lasting success and profitability know the importance of value creation. Perception of value creation differs among stakeholders. Creating value for customers translates to higher sales of products and services, ergo higher profit. […]

Measuring Your Company’s Value Growth

COVID-19 illuminated a vital, frequently missed truth: to develop, defend, and sustain organizational value, leaders must consider a far broader and more diversified collection of stakeholders than shareholders. The most successful businesses recognize that any firm’s goal is to produce value for customers, workers, and stakeholders and that the interests of these three groups are […]