Why You Should Make Value Creation a Top Priority

We search for the term “value” in the connections we form, the things we buy, the work we want to do, and every individual we hire. Even the most precious object will not sell if the customer does not recognize its worth in terms of design, appearance, and feel. Likewise, political, philosophical, environmental, and other […]

When Is My Exit Plan Finished?

What is your company’s end goal? Business owners often have only a vague idea regarding their exit: they prefer running their business instead of planning an inevitable departure. However, every significant business event, including exit, deserves an efficient strategy to manage it. These strategies comprise a business plan. Your exit strategy is an essential component […]

Things You Can Do Now to Increase Your Business’ Value

High business valuation and competitive pricing dominate the M&A market, so more and more firms are looking for effective, strategic ways to increase their business value. Yet, despite business owners becoming increasingly proactive, 58 percent of business owners have never had their businesses appraised, and, shockingly, 48 percent of owners exit without a proper exit […]

The Value of Value Creation

Value creation is the foundation of business stability and sustainability. Your business’ value sets you apart from your competition; helps you acquire new, long-term clients; and adds to your brand value, the products, and the services that you offer. Successful business owners know that the sole purpose of their business is to create value for […]