How to Be Objective as an Owner (what REALLY matters)

You’ve been working hard to grow your company, but do you feel your effort is in vain? The reason may be a lack of focus on the right things. A value creation focus is one of the most effective techniques for success. This requires objectivity. Objectivity means you need to be aware of your values […]

What Exactly Does a Business Valuation Imply About My Company?

Company owners who have no intention to transition their companies to new management any time soon often ask why they need a business valuation. Business valuation provides the baseline value of a company, the starting point from which you, as a business owner, may build a company with transferable value. Transferable value is what your […]

When Should You Start Value Creation?

Successful businesses create value for their owners, customers, suppliers, and employees. A company that does not create value ceases to exist. The value keeps a business running. The value creation journey begins with the commencement of your business. However, you can reap even greater benefits if you work intentionally to create value. What Is Value […]

Building a Business Is About Building Value

Starting with the end in mind is the best practice when founding a business. As you go about day-to-day planning and the overall building of your business, consider its value proposition, an estimation of the health and well-being of your business, and the factors directly or indirectly impacting your business value. Elements of Business Value […]