Deliver More Client Value and Win More Assets

All Wealth Managers strive to be their clients most “trusted” resource. But few achieve it.   With Value Scout you can become a better resource to clients and prospects and earn the trust- and business- that you deserve. 

Be More Valuable Earlier in Relationships

Founders and entrepreneurs have little patience for a casual “Quarterly Check-In” that starts with, “How’s business?” If you aren’t providing something of value — real value — in that hour they’re already looking for another advisor. What if you could have deep insight into their internal business problems and be part of solving them? With Value Scout you gain that type of deep visibility — so you can claim your seat at the table well ahead of your peers.

Understand Owner’ Concerns and Become More Than a Sounding Board

One of the largest findings of our research is that far too many entrepreneurs think their advisors don’t know their company well enough to be useful. After all, you aren’t in the day-to-day firefight that they are. But as an outsider you bring valuable industry experience and an objective viewpoint. With Value Scout you can marry that insight with deep knowledge of the companies’ plans (and failures) – making you indispensable to Founders.

Get Clarity on the Actual Value Gap and the Likelihood of an Exit

As the saying goes, garbage in, garbage out. That couldn’t be more true than when assessing a business for a future exit – a process that will likely take a few years to unfold. Sure, you know the value your clients need. But, will a simple earnings multiple tell you where they actually are today? With Value Scout not only can you help Founders accurately assess current baseline value, you can use this data to identify which clients to spend time on and when to cut bait.

Trusted by great companies and their advisors