Open a New Revenue Stream with Exit Planning.

All advisors strive to be their clients most “trusted” resource. But few achieve it. Close the gap by creating new forms of client value while generating new revenue opportunities.

Align Yourself with Your Clients’ Real Business and Life Goals

Most advisors built their success by staying inside the lanes of their expertise. Unfortunately, that narrow view sometimes blocks them from earning the “trusted advisor” status they seek – wealth managers have conversations about life goals but aren’t comfortable talking with an owner about their business; CPAs have conversations about tax, but aren’t sure how to approach a conversation on life beyond work. Value Scout teaches you how to look at your clients’ whole picture and identify new opportunities to create value.

Generate New Clients with a New Practice

Value Scout gives you the “know how” you need to build an exit planning practice. Our training programs teach you how to partner with your clients on value creation. Our frameworks give you the tools you need to close new clients. And, our platform enables you to facilitate the value creation process with all your clients and your partners in one place.

Position Yourself for Future Revenue Streams

Many of today’s leading advisors use exit planning to establish an early seat at the table before a client’s future liquidity event. Use Value Scout to drive all your value creation work and provide a bridge to future revenue opportunities.

Trusted by great companies and their advisors.