Understand The Real Value Of Your Business.

Get an accurate valuation of the most important asset you own – your company – quickly, and easily

Do you really know your business’s current value?

It probably comes as no surprise, but most owners have an inflated sense of what their company’s worth. Just like you can’t get to Albuquerque if you don’t know where you’re starting from, you can’t deliberately create value if you don’t have a solid sense of where you are today. Value Scout gives you a benchmark of your company’s current market value you can use as the foundation for your personal and business decisions going forward.

Value scout makes valuation fast and easy.

Old school valuation is geared towards tax matters – the requirements are written by CPA’s and attorneys for CPA’s and attorneys. Unfortunately, those technical standards don’t help business owners who want a baseline valuation to facilitate planning. Value Scout cans the dense legalese and replaces it with bite-sized questionnaires you complete quickly, online. And, we give you stunning visual dashboards — you know, like every other software tool you use every day — to understand what your valuation means.

Forget about Data Entry

An accurate valuation is driven, at least in part, by data – but everyone hates data entry. The Value Scout team gives you an easy to follow summary of the information you need to collect and uploads all your data into the system to make it readily visible and accessible to you, your leadership team, and your advisors.

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