Value Creation, Let’s Start Chopping Wood

Value, more specifically the lack thereof, is the number one problem for entrepreneurs contemplating an exit or planning for retirement. Value Scout’s value-first approach makes it easy for entrepreneurs and their advisors to deliberately create future value, bringing your exit goals within reach.

The Value Recon Algorithm™

Stop the guess work on determining value creation for your initiatives. Value Scout’s financial engineers developed a highly effective and accurate algorithm that in just few clicks assigns the value created for an initiative after completion. Knock down milestones one at a time with purpose and get closer to your value creation targets.

Track Value Creation Progress, In Real Time

Once you’ve determined your value growth targets and your value gap, Value Scouts helps you translate them into an achievable plan to get there. Turn long-range plans into annual goals and quarterly rocks. Assign each initiative a target value with our VCS Algorithm™ and align your leadership team against long-term value creation in bite-sized increments.


Sometimes the items you assume are value creators need to be reprioritized or aren’t actually needed at all. Seamlessly roll objectives and initiatives into the next quarter or abandon altogether.

Weekly Check-In

Working with a large staff can be difficult, especially when you are in an all virtual environment. Weekly check-in offers you and your teams to provide weekly updates and context into the initiatives being completed

Flag Problems for Follow-up

Resist the urge to solve problems right away. Instead flag them for follow up later once you’ve had a chance to assess and prioritize them.

Exit Planning 2.0 Manifesto

These are our indelible beliefs. This is how we add depth and meaning to our clients and their companies. This is what we think it takes to be a trusted advisor to entrepreneurs. THIS IS WHY YOU ARE HERE.

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