Value Planning is Exit Planning

Value, more specifically the lack thereof, is the number one problem for entrepreneurs contemplating an exit or planning for retirement. Typically, the current value of just about any company isn’t enough for an owner to retire on–it’s just not. 

That’s where value planning comes in. Value Scout’s value-first approach makes it easy to deliberately create future value ultimately leading to a successful exit when it comes time to sell. When the true value is assigned to initiatives, it becomes much easier to keep your eye on the prize: a successful exit.

The Value Recon Algorithm™

It can be difficult to assign value to specific objectives or initiatives in a value creation journey. Intuitively you know that opening a new branch location or reducing overheads will increase enterprise value… but how much? 

Value Recon allows you to stop guessing at value and capture the estimated value of completing a particular task or initiative without the hassle. This AI-assisted algorithm uses a series of user inputs combined with data about your company and broader market data to conclude an estimated value. 

Planning Your To-Dos with Value Targets Baked In

Your to-do list is miles long (we’ve been there). Those action items get piled up and end up getting pushed to the side, lost, or just forgotten about. Get focused on what matters by putting your to-dos into action by adding them directly to plans within Value Scout’s planning tools.

Start the process by creating a finding (an action item) by detailing the work to be done, then sort by the level of effort, financial impact, and confidence in the task. Prioritize by using our Value Recon to tie an estimated value to the task. Put the findings to work by adding a new finding or an existing finding to your plans. 

Maintain Visibility on Your Success

The desire to have a more meaningful client and advisor relationship is real. Value Scout’s dashboard makes it easy to have deeper and more meaningful conversations about business value, future growth, and retirement. Value Scout’s Dashboard features provide a digital display that gives you a birds-eye view of every roadblock, unlocking your path to success.

View and Sort Work Undone

Struggling to maintain visibility on the work not being completed, if you’re being overloaded or underloaded with work, or simply not planning well can be tough on value growth. Disposition helps business owners and advisors understand which items are not being completed, who is not completing them, and why they are not completed. In disposition, choose what to do with the work undone moving forward to ensure efficiency moving forward.

Check in with Your Team

Easily track ALL progress in context to quickly determine if your team is on track or if they’re struggling. With the Value Scout planning toolset, all this data is front and center—resulting in a proactive, agile team.

Timeline & Kanban Displays

With Value Scout’s customizable display options, you can choose how your annual and quarterly planning initiatives are displayed, making it easier than ever to dive into your data.


Value Scout’s leaderboard displays make it easy to create a competitive environment within your enterprise. Quickly and easily provide high-level stats, so value creation is always top of mind. 

Exit Planning 2.0 Manifesto

These are our indelible beliefs. This is how we add depth and meaning to our clients and their companies. This is what we think it takes to be a trusted advisor to entrepreneurs. THIS IS WHY YOU ARE HERE.

Insights on Growing
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