About our product

Value Scout is an alternative to a traditional valuation. We strive to answer the critical questions that owners have, filling the void between a full “opinion of value” and a “best guess” online calculator. You will work with an actual professional analyst so you can be assured of the credibility of your results.

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Why Value Scout?

Value Scout is designed for entrepreneurs (and their advisors) who are thinking about an exit – whether you want to exit now or in 10 years.

What You Need to Know

To have a meaningful discussion on exiting, it’s imperative to know two things: how much the company is worth today, and how much you need to meet your retirement goals.

Why Focus on Value and Retirement Needs?

For most business owners their company makes up 80% of their net worth. Retirement is going to require liquidating (ie. Selling) the company to fund retirement.   You’ll likely only get one chance to sell a company, so it’s incredibly important to get it right.

How Financial Planning Works

Planners use sophisticated models to help model your projected assets, liabilities, income, expenses.   With an understanding of these items the planner can help put a plan in place that meets your retirement goals. Most planners use some version of a Monte Carlo simulation to model your retirement portfolio. They complete over 10,000 simulations of your portfolio with the goal of hitting a 95% success rate.

Planning Gone Wrong

What if the most important input to a sophisticated model is wrong? The model is no longer 95% correct – it’s 100% wrong. With 80% of your worth vested in your company, getting an informed indication of market value couldn’t be more important.

Value Scout Solves the Biggest problem

Bad assumptions make the most advanced model wrong 100% of the time.  Value Scout solves the biggest problem in traditional financial planning: bad inputs to sophisticated models.

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