Additional Value Assessment Categories Now Live

At the heart of Value Scout’s value assessment engine is our “Value Assessment” questionnaire tool.  The tool vastly improves on traditional valuation “onboarding” sessions.  In the old world, valuation analysts and company counterparts frequently conduct a massive “knowledge transfer.”  This is critical to getting an accurate assessment of value.  Unfortunately, it’s also often completed in the most old-school ways: using a PDF or Word form that can span 20, 30, or more pages.  Eeeeek!  Terrible, right?  Well, Value Scout improved on that old school process by implementing a smooth and intuitive online assessment process that can be completed concurrently by company founders, staff, and outside advisors.

But it could always be better, right?  One way we are doing that is by improving the categorization process for assessment areas.  We’ve now expanded our categories to the following:

  • Finance
  • Management
  • Human Capital
  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Competitive Position
  • Operations
  • Facilities
  • IT- General
  • IT- Cyber Security
  • Risks
  • IP
  • Supply Chain

This allows us to 1) be a little more granular in our assessment and 2) help bring in the right people from the company to address these areas.

Industry-Specific Areas

Of course, we continue to also dial in our assessment tool for specific industries.  This remains seamless to the user- as the user navigates the assessment tool, they are presented with industry-specific questions as needed (and now in proper categories!)

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Dan Doran

Dan Doran

Is the Founder of Value Scout, Quantive and the 2019 Exit Planner of the Year. He is a recognized expert and speaks frequently about M&A, valuations, and developing more deliberate value creation strategies.

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