Sneak Peak – Advisor Lead Gen Tool (September Release)

As an advisor, how do you start the conversation on getting exit ready? Or on the importance of quantifying and closing the value gap? If you’re like most, you do this in broad “hand waves” and generalities. But what if you could send your clients or prospects a simple assessment to take that highlights the need? What if it took them less than 10 minutes? And what if, as a deliverable, it made a series of suggestions on areas to improve on?

Sure, that would be pretty cool. But what if it also QUANTIFIED the value creation potential that exists in the company?

Well… say hello to our September release. We’ve got a batch of other items coming up, but I thought this one would be fun to highlight.

The Value Gap Assessment

With this assessment tool, advisors can identify a client or group of clients, shoot them a link to the assessment, and begin engaging in a deep and meaningful discussion on exit readiness.  Clients are led through a very brief assessment consisting of approximately 20 questions.  On average, the user can complete this in about 10 minutes or less and shouldn’t require input from any outside staff or advisors.

Review Results and Discuss with Client

Once the client/prospect completes the assessment, the results are returned directly to your account in the Value Scout portal.  You can review on your own time and craft a game plan for your discussion with the client.  Depending on your role, that discussion will, of course, be slightly different.  For instance, as a wealth manager, you might tee up discussions on how far off a transaction might be based on the results.  Or, as a Value Advisor, your conversation can be much more pointed – essentially setting the tone for a Discovery session that leads to a full engagement.

The Path Forward

We are planning to iterate these assessments and build a series.  While the first one out the door is focused on assessing the “work undone” in an organization, future iterations may be more industry-focused or related to the Founder’s relationship with their company asset if you’re on the platform dive in. When we release this – feedback is welcome!


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Dan Doran

Dan Doran

Is the Founder of Value Scout, Quantive and the 2019 Exit Planner of the Year. He is a recognized expert and speaks frequently about M&A, valuations, and developing more deliberate value creation strategies.

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