Save Time and Get Feedback with Value Scout’s A.I.-Assisted Recommendations

Questions like “Where do I start?”, “What am I missing?” or “How do I best help my client?” reflect a common sentiment when starting a value creation strategy. Value Scout’s A.I.-assisted Recommendations allow you to tackle algorithm-identified suggestions and track them by their estimated revenue, level of effort, and priority.

Value Scout’s A.I. Recommendations Engine makes intelligent suggestions based on your answers for you to maximize overall company value.

What are A.I. Recommendations?

Value Scout’s A.I. Recommendations is an A.I.-assisted feature within the Value Scout Platform. After filling out the Value Assessment (the company questionnaire used to provide a more accurate valuation), the A.I. Recommendation Engine gets to work to give the user feedback on specific tasks the business owner should complete to reach maximum business value.

How Does A.I. Recommendations Work?

Value Scout’s A.I. Recommendations work in a step-by-step format:

  1. Complete the Value Assessment
  2. Analysts conclude to Current Market Value (“CMV”)
  3. Get Your Recommendations!

Complete Value Assessment

Value Scout prompts business owners with a series of questions to better understand the company’s risk profile and learn the “story” behind the numbers. This series of questions is better known as the Value Assessment. When business owners complete the Value Assessment Questionnaire with accuracy and detail, our analysts can then pinpoint a more accurate CMV for the company.

Analysts Conclude Current Market Value

Following the receipt of the necessary financial documents, the completion of the Value Assessment, and Financial Questions, our analysts will conclude the CMV for the company.

Get Your Recommendations!

Once an analyst has pushed the CMV to the platform for business owners to see, the A.I.-Assisted Recommendations automatically populate to provide business owners Value Scout-identified findings based on the answers given within the Value Assessment.

As an advisor, this is the time to review your clients’ needs and guide them through these recommendations.

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For the Advisor

Just as business owners may ask themselves, “How do I get started?” you may be uncertain where to start too. These A.I.-Assisted Recommendations provide a starting point for you to assist your clients’ throughout their exit planning and value creation process. You and your client can then assign estimated value, level of effort, and priority level to each value creation task generated by the Recommendation Engine.

As the advisor, you can help guide your clients through this decision process and use your expertise to help clients place these tasks into their quarterly and annual plans.

For the Business Owner

Ever wonder what you could be missing out on when it comes to business value? Or maybe your company doesn’t know where to start when it comes to completing tasks you know will create value? Our A.I. Recommendations will give you those answers.

This feature in the Value Scout platform will give you intelligent recommendations following your company valuation based on your company’s answers within the Value Assessment.

Your advisor can then help guide you and your business through the process of knocking out these initiatives one-by-one.

Key Takeaways

  • A.I. Recommendations provide a business with potential opportunities for value creation upon completion of the Value Assessment through smart suggestions provided by the Value Scout algorithm.
  • The step-by-step process of the recommendations is: upload the necessary documents we need to determine the company’s CMV, complete the Value Assessment, answer any Financial Questions our analysts may have, our analysts conclude the CMV, and finally, you get your recommendations!
  • Value Scout’s A.I. Recommendations help provide business owners and advisors a starting point for knocking down value creation tasks with a purpose.
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Dan Doran

Dan Doran

Is the Founder of Value Scout, Quantive and the 2019 Exit Planner of the Year. He is a recognized expert and speaks frequently about M&A, valuations, and developing more deliberate value creation strategies.

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