Understanding the Real Value of Your Business Just Got Easier

Old-school valuations take months of collecting data and adjusting numbers to produce a 50+ page report that includes a lot of information but misses the mark when it comes to what you really care about–creating value for your business.

Value Scout changes the game. Our AI-Powered software identifies opportunities for you to grow value and outlines strategies you can take to get there. So, say goodbye to waiting on the final valuation report to take action.

An Accurate Value in Weeks–Not Months

A 10-week turnaround time for a valuation risks stakeholders losing interest, losing momentum, and changing priorities–making the work of value creation that much harder. That’s why the Value Scout valuation toolset was designed to reduce friction during the entire process, from the initial questionnaire to the final adjustments. Our lightweight, collaborative process results in an accurate value in as little as a few weeks.

Smart Valuation Features

Value Assessments

Traditional valuations start with a seemingly endless pile of inquiries and data requests. Value Scout’s cloud-based and collaborative assessment experience makes answering questions easier for business owners and stakeholders. Advisors can also use this tool to jump in on solving value-blockers right away, instead of waiting for the final valuation report to roll in.

Financial Questions & Final Value

It’s easy to lose momentum early in the valuation process when every clarifying question takes days to weeks for the appropriate stakeholders to weigh in. After you submit your initial assessment, Value Scout’s Financial Questions are generated by real, qualified financial analysts and digitally delivered straight to your company dashboard-getting you to a current market value faster than ever.

Value Estimate

After assessments have been submitted and financial questions have been reviewed and answered- your Value Estimate is generated. This easy-to-read report shows how you measure up- in plain numbers- in terms of current market value, value gap, and growth targets.

Check Your Progress with an Annual Valuation

To really measure the success of your value growth initiatives, you need to track of your current value on a regular basis. Every Value Scout membership tier includes an annual valuation, so you can keep your eye on the prize: your target value, on your ideal timeline. Checking up on your value annually helps get in front of any value roadblocks–before they derail your plans.

Eliminate Data Entry​

Time spent doing data entry is time wasted. Value Scout crunches the numbers for you, using your data–to get you an accurate value quicker than the traditional route.

Access Help from Experts​

Valuation can be complicated. Questions or problems during the process? Access help from our pro team right from the dashboard–we’ve got your back from start to finish.

Remove the Guesswork​

An inaccurate initial valuation has downstream effects a mile long. With Value Scout, you can be confident in the accuracy behind the final report.

Smart Valuation Tools, Powered by AI

The innovation behind the Value Scout valuation toolset comes from the combination of intelligent A.I. algorithms and human oversight. Get the best of both worlds: the efficiency of a state-of-the-art digital tool and the quality assurance provided by an actual, expert financial analyst.

Smart Algorithm

Traditional Valuation tools are stuck in the past. Who has the time to spend hours on spreadsheet macros? The Value Scout algorithm allows you to uncover the true value of your company quickly and accurately.

The Human Element

There are some valuation circumstances more complicated than others. Every calculation is triple-checked by an actual financial analyst, so you can be confident in your final value–despite any curveballs.

Accurate Outcomes

Value Scout’s winning combination of AI and the human element elimates the risk of wasting time with bad data. Smart valuation tools produce accurate, actionable data quickly.

Go Beyond Exit Planning

Value Scout is where value creation meets long-term planning.

Everyone wants to sell their company for the highest price point. But where to begin? With Value Scout, you can quickly uncover your current business value, identify what’s blocking growth, and outline both short and long-term strategies to meet your value goals.

Insights on Growing Business Value