Value Scout is a Modern Wealth Manager's Secret Weapon

All Wealth Managers strive to be their clients most “trusted” resource. But few achieve it. Value Scout’s robust toolset and AI assisted technology makes it easy for wealth managers to foster long-term relationships with your clients pre-liquidity and establish your practice as a crucial partner in value creation along the way.

Access A Network of Value Creation Consultants

Your client needs their business to be worth more in order to retire, but how are they going to get there? With Value Scout, you can refer your clients to a wide range of value creation specialists – experts in corporate finance, operations, human capital, sales, marketing, and technology – to help them grow their business. Value Scout connects you with the people you need to help your clients grow their firm and exit according to the life plan you built.

Be More Involved

Most business owners want their wealth manager to have a deeper understanding of their business and their problems, rather than someone who just “checks in.” Value Scout’s dashboard and messaging tools make it easy to have deeper and more meaningful conversations with your clients about business value, future growth, and retirement.

Grow Your Wealth Management Practice

If you provide exit planning or value creation consulting, Value Scout can help you deepen your existing client relationships. Leverage our value assessments and planning tools to open new revenue streams and deepen the services you already provide. Join a community of like-minded peers to network, learn, and help you expand existing client relationships.

Customized Exit Scenarios

Not all Exit Scenarios are straight out-of-the-box for everyone. There is some tailoring involved to fit your businesses needs

Graphic Displays

Value Scout’s Exit Modeler offers future views into your progress. Now you can see ahead of time if the plan you have in place is right for you.

Value Scout Matrix™

As you determine the issues you need to fix in your enterprise, you can rank them to help determine the easy wins you need to minimize future wasted efforts.

Exit Planning 2.0 Manifesto

These are our indelible beliefs. This is how we add depth and meaning to our clients and their companies. This is what we think it takes to be a trusted advisor to entrepreneurs. THIS IS WHY YOU ARE HERE.

Insights on Growing
Business Value
Failing to Plan is Planning to Fail

What will happen to your business, employees, and retirement goals if you don’t get the value you deserve upon the sale of your business? Read on to know more about the effects of selling your business without an exit plan.

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Why Exit Planning Is Really Value Creation

The process of exit planning motivates business owners to increase the value of their business in preparation for selling the business. Increasing the business’ value entails a value creation plan.

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