Author name: Matt Lawver

Why Should I Remove Excess Working Capital from the Business?

Working capital allows your business to grow without incurring debt. Demonstrating positive working capital makes getting loans or other forms of credit easy. Working capital refers to the difference between a company’s current assets and current liabilities (per the balance sheet). The amount the business requires to make regular payments, purchase material to produce goods, …

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Growth Through Merger

When two companies merge together, the new entity they create is innately bigger and stronger. It boasts a new combination of products, people, and processes. It has an expanded presence in multiple markets, a larger customer base, a bigger portfolio of products and services, and more operational complexity. Mergers can be an extremely effective way …

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Valuation Basics: Earnings, Growth, Risk

Understanding the value of your business is critical especially when you’re planning for the next phase — be it to merge, sell, raise capital, or even simply to convert the organization from C-Corp status to S-Corp status for tax purposes. Naturally, we pay most attention to the first two.