Proclamation #8: We Will be Co-creators of Future Value

Entrepreneurs often wait until the last minute to make the tough decisions about selling a business. A clear plan takes time to develop, but it helps you get the best value for your business. Many variables come into play, and it is essential to take a step back and do everything you can to increase your company’s value.

Teamwork is necessary.

Increasing the transfer value of a business also means avoiding giving the potential buyer reasons to offer you less due to errors, mistakes, poor workmanship, etc. In short, negative points reduce the value of your business or business. Advisors who know their roles and responsibilities can offer you all their services and knowledge to help you avoid all potential risks.

Our job is to help clients envision their desired future state–the value they require from their business to exit on their terms–and be the pivotal resource in helping them get there. When we do this together, we both win.”

Time is a crucial element to increase the value of a company.

How can you increase the value of a company?

You will have to prove to your buyer that what you have put in place is sustainable and that it works. You must establish its continuity (improvement) over two to three years whatever you put in place.

Simply saying, “I put this in place six months ago, it is already starting to show a profit, and it will continue,” will not be enough to convince your potential buyer. Either way, it won’t be as effective as twelve or eighteen months of sustained performance.

One of the critical points in selling your business or business is to anticipate the sale to optimize it and get a better price.

Develop a solid strategic plan.

A sound business strategy that guides business owners in their decisions and actions is essential to their companies’ long-term growth. As good advisors, we can help business owners define the right goals and strategize to achieve them while ensuring that they have the right capabilities and resources.

How can strategic planning from good advisors help?

  • Deepen the culture of strategic thinking in a business
  • Update the current strategic plan or develop a new one
  • Align the management team with a shared vision
  • Allocate the resources to achieve your goals.

Here’s how Value Scout can strengthen a strategic plan:

Prepare. During this phase, advisors discuss the owner’s expectations, agree on the project schedule, and confirm the commitment of their management team.

Determine. To assess a business and its current state, advisors must:

  • Conduct one-on-one interviews with members of the management team to gather feedback.
  • Share the feedback with the client and report any alignment issues.
  • Plan a workshop on strategic planning.

Let’s make your business a valuable asset to own!
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Matt Lawver

Matt Lawver

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